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Always up to date, this app combines the best of and The Sun printed editions.

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This free app features independent reporting from Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton, and Warren Counties of New York, and Addison County, Vermont.

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Get breaking news alerts as they happen

Before headlines are shared on social media, you'll be the first to know with our alert push notifications. With the news app, breaking news stories appear in real-time as they happens.
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and weather alerts, too!

You tailor the app to your preference, and decide which push notifications you would like to receive, from the app settings menu.

Equipped with voiceover accessibility

The news app's audio icon allows your mobile device to read the story to you aloud, with just a tap of the icon.

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Increase the text size with Visual

Within the app's settings you can choose from Small, Medium, and Large, and increase the story reader text size, that best fits your needs.

View current and past printed editions
including North Country Living Magazine

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As an enhanced Sun subscriber, you will never miss an issue, even while you're away! Our digital editions are an exact replica of the actual printed edition. So whether you enjoy The Sun for it's award-winning independent reporting, or want to keep an eye on the latest deals from the local businesses, or all of the above, you never miss beat.

And with an archive of past editions, you'll have a year's worth of The Sun in the palm of your hand.

*Requires an enhanced subscription.

Watch post-game video interviews
and more from our on-demand video section

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puzzles; crosswords & sudoku

Unique from printed editions' puzzles, you'll have fun passing the time with these interactive puzzles exclusive to the app itself.

We chose a different approach.

Unlike many news organizations, we made a choice to keep our independent, community reporting free and available for everyone. Please consider supporting our efforts with a voluntary enhanced subscription, when you request The Sun.

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The bottom line is, you're local and we're local, and we plan to keep it that way. We do not share your information with anyone. ...but you can go ahead and read our privacy policy, by clicking the button below, if you'd like.
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